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The Seven Dimensions

You are going to learn time travel to the future in this website. But to understand time travel, all the dimensions of the Universe have to be understood. My theory is that the Universe has seven dimension and everything can be confined to these seven dimensions. When you will start to time travel, you mind will operate in fifth dimensions to look at the future events. Here are the seven dimensions - the first three don't need any explanation:

0) The zero dimension - The Point: 0-D

It is a point - that is it - a point - nothing else.
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1) The first dimension: A line: 1-D

It is a line - a single co-ordinate 
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2) The second dimension - The Flatland: 2-D

It is a flat sheet. It has length and width but no depth - 2 co-ordinates.

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3) The third dimension - The space we live in: 3-D

It has length, width & depth - 3 co-ordinates.

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4) The fourth dimension - The Time: 4-D

It is related to time which is the fourth co-ordinate. It is easy to understand first three dimensions and hard to visualize fourth one. The four dimensions together are called spacetime.

The simple 4-D (spacetime) diagram
(For simplicity, we will keep the minimum unit of time as 1 second)
                    space time
Actually, spacetime dimension is more complicated than this and it cannot be drawn here. As seen from Einstein's theory of relativity, spacetime is curved. The time gets dilated by speed and the time also gets dilated by gravity. But for time travel, this simple diagram is enough.

Example 4.1: Traveling to the future
Let us say you are in the yellow space at 5:01:01 PM in the above figure. You will be in the green space after 1 second at 5:01:02 PM, blue space after 2 seconds at 5:01:03 PM, red space after 3 seconds at 5:01:04 PM and so on. Now, if you want to go to the future, you have to get outside the four dimension of
spacetime and look at point in purple space that is after 20 minutes. If you can look at the event at this point, then you have travelled to the future. But this can be achieved only in fifth dimension as shown below.

5) The fifth dimension - The dimension of Events: 5D

In four dimensions, we can see the event happening at our spacetime co-ordinate only. In fifth dimension, we are outside the four dimensions and we have access to the time line in future and we can see the events happening in the future. There are magnetic areas in fifth dimension (just like black holes in space) very close to us. I have explained these more in "Senses" page. We will take advantage of these black holes to go through time dilation and go to the future. Here I have explained the dimensions as they relate to each other.
The simple 5-D diagram:

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Example 5.1: Analyzing the above diagram to understand time travel
In the above figure, you are at point A at 5:01:01 PM. You use your sixth sense to reach the fifth dimension at point M. Now you have access to entire spacetime but if you come back to four dimensions now, you will be back to the present. If instead of coming back you go through time dilation, then you will reach the point N. If you come back to the four dimensions now, you will be come to the future point - point X in this example. The event you will see happening at point X will be dependent on the conditions that are true at point A. If you come back to the present and go to the future again to point X, then the event occurring at point X will be dependent on conditions that are true at that point. The future has lots of possibilities and that is shown by purple lines. To get a better understanding of fifth dimension and to make sure that there are no paradoxes during time travel, here are some more examples:

Example 5.2: Future is Dynamic
You have four blocks - red, yellow, green & blue. You arrange them in this order as shown in this figure:
                        time travel
                                        Figure 1

Scenario 1: Predicting it correctly

Now you time travel to point X that is 20 minutes in the future and you take a look at the blocks. You see them as shown above. You come back to the present and predict that blocks will be in the order shown in fig 1. Now you sit there and do nothing. 20 minutes pass and the blocks stay like this. You have predicted the future correctly.

Scenario 2: Predicting it wrong
Again you time travel to point X that is 20 minutes in future and you take a look at the blocks. You see them as shown in figure 1 above. You come back to the present and predict that blocks will be in the order shown in figure 1. Now you change the order of the blocks to anything random as shown here:
                         time travel
                                      Figure 2

You just sit there and let the time go past 20 minutes, so the order of blocks at point X of space-time is as shown in figure 2. But when you traveled to the future, you saw the order as shown in figure 1. What happened? The answer is that the future is dynamic. The event you see at a certain point and time is only true for that point. The order of blocks you saw when you time traveled from point A may not be same when you time travel from another point.

Example 5.3: Future is semi-dynamic if very few conditions
It is 8:01:01 AM in the morning. You travel to the future and you land in Los Angeles at 9:00:00 AM same day and see an Earthquake happening. Let us say you happen to take a look at somebody's phone that is on and see the time and day. You also look at the buildings and recognize them as Los Angeles. Now you come back to the present and predict the earthquake to happen in Los Angeles at 9:00:00 AM same day. Since the Earthquake cannot be controlled by humans, it has very less conditions and very likely it is going to happen at that time and your prediction will be true.

Example 5.4: Future is almost static if the conditions do not change
Let us take example of our Solar System. The moon rotates around itself and revolves around the earth. The Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the Sun, and so on. This has been going on for so long in the same pattern that even the scientist operating in four dimensions can predict it. If anyone travels to future and look at this event (position of planets at a certain time), it will be same. There is a chance that an asteroid can hit one of the planets and change the pattern, but it is so rare that the future can be predicted correctly here.

As seen from the examples above, future is dynamic and cannot be predicted correctly most of the times. When it has fewer conditions, it has more probability to be predicted correctly. The point is that when you predict the future, you could be right or wrong. The chances of you being right or wrong are dependent on the conditions that control the event that occurs at certain spacetime co-ordinate. As conditions keep on changing, the future event also changes. So what really happens at point X? Answer is that it is dependent on the conditions that are true one second before the event (remember that we are assuming one second as the smallest unit for understanding all these).

6) The Sixth Dimension - the dimension of Logic: 6D

As seen from above examples, the event that occurs at a certain space time is dependent on conditions that are true before it is going to happen. It is determined by the sixth dimension of logic and here are some examples.

Example 6.1: The logic & conditions:
You are sitting on a chair and a can of coke is on a table. The time is 5:00:00 PM. Now let us look at these 3 scenarios 10 seconds later at 5:00:10:

Scenario 1: You do nothing. The coke can will stay on the table in the same position after 10 seconds.

Scenario 2: You hit the can lightly so that it drops down near your feet.

Scenario 3:
You hit the can hard so that it drops down 5 feet away from you.

The figure below shows these 3 scenarios. Only one of these events will really happen at a particular space-time co-ordinate. Here is the logic:

Scenario 1 will happen IF you do nothing, Scenario 2 will happen IF you hit the can lightly and Scenario 3 will happen IF you hit the can very hard. These logic are built into 6th dimension and they determine what will happen at 5:00:10 PM. 

The Simple 6-D diagram:

    time travel
Example 6.2:
More logic & conditions:
It is 5:01 PM now and you time travel to the Future to the next day and see your neighbor John get into an accident at 9:05 AM next day . You come back to the present and tell John about it. John says, "I will take tomorrow off. I am not going anywhere". You time travel again at 5:15 PM to the same place & time (9:05 AM next day) & and find that there is no accident. So this change is due to the change of circumstances. Now we can use this statement:

"The accident will happene IF John will go to work"

Let us look at some other factors. What if you were not John's neighbor? What if John's parents were killed before he was born? What about the factors affecting the other car?

"The accident will happen IF John will go to work AND IF John is not late AND IF the other car is there on the same time AND IF _ _ _"

The conclusion is that for an event to occur at a particular point in Time-Space dimension, there are lots of conditions (could be million conditions). When you time traveled at 5:01 PM to 9:05 PM, you saw the event that happened based on the conditions that were true at that time (5:01 PM). If you would time travel at 5:02 PM to same place and time (9:05 PM next day), you will see different event. If you time travel at 5:03 PM you will see different event and so on. So what is really going to happen at 9:01 AM next day? This is explained below:

All the IF AND shown above create billions of virtual Time-Space dimension. Each point in this dimension has billions of different logic behind it. Only one event will occur at a certain space-time co-ordinate. Sixth Dimension takes all the logic together and from that logic it is determined what will happen at a certain point in space at a certain time.

7) The Seventh and Final Dimension - the Dimension of Finity: 7-D

a) It is the dimension that keeps the first six dimensions together.
b) It is the dimension that gives finite boundary to infinite Universe - my theory is that the Universe is not infinite.
c) This is the Dimension that holds secret to how the Universe was formed, what is life, what happens to us after death, etc.
To Time Travel, full understanding of this dimension is not required.

First three dimensions are in space that we can understand them. The fourth dimension is time, fifth is events and sixth is logic. We live in three dimension world and move with time in four dimension of spacetime. The fifth dimension is outside the four dimensions and all the possible events can be seen from here.
Our mind operates in fifth dimension - that is where all the events occur in a logical way. That is how we will travel to the future also. The Logic (or conditions) for each event is built into sixth dimension. The sixth Dimension determines what will happen in any point of spacetime (even the future). The seventh dimension holds everything together.        

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