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 The Sixth Sense (the Mind) & Time Travel

1) The six senses
To time travel to the future, we activate our sixth sense and the mind operates in the fifth dimension, where the time travel holes are used to travel to the future. That is why we have to understand the sixth sense - it is a sense of perception hidden in the mind that puts the event together. It is all five senses combined and more. This sense operates in fifth dimension and will be used for time travel. I call the activation of sixth sense amitception. Sixth sense can be used for various purposes and for now we will use it for time travel only. When your five senses are working, then the sixth sense keeps on working in the background without you even being aware of it.   

six senses
Example 1: Sixth sense running in the background (when awake)
You have been invited to a Barbeque party. You go these and sit next to grill. You can see (sight) chicken cooking and smell it, you can hear the grill and you take chicken in your hand (touch) and eat it (taste). All these senses are perceived by different parts of the brain but this entire event of sitting there and eating is put together and captured by sixth sense and put into your memory. So when five senses are working, the sixth sense just uses them to put the event together.

Example 2: Sixth sense during a dream (when sleeping)
Let us take an example of a dreams. The dreams occur involuntarily when your mind is semi-unconscious. For example, in your dream you see yourself walking in a park. If you are sleeping with your eyes closed, how can you see? This is your sixth sense that takes over when your other five senses are not working. It not only puts the event together, it also lets you see the event.

The event in the Example 1 happens when you are fully awake. The event in the Example 2 happens when you are sleeping. When you use the method of staying young, you will use your sixth sense in between these 2 events – that is when your five senses are resting and just before you go to sleep.

2) The Brain & the Mind
a) The Brain: It is the organized connections of billions of cells called neurons. Each neuron contains a powerful data-processing and transmitting system. A neuron can connect to tens of thousands of other neurons, creating more than a trillion connections – each capable of performing hundreds of calculations per second. These neurons use electricity to communicate with each other and when they send signals at once, they produce a large amount of electrical activity in the brain. The combination of electrical activity of the brain is commonly called a Brainwave pattern. There are four types of brain waves.
a) Beta: Fully awake - Brain Wave Frequency is 14 pulses & higher.
b) Alpha: Mental relaxation - Brain Wave Frequency is 7 - 14 pulses
c) Theta: Medium Sleep - Brain Wave Frequency is 4 - 7 pulses
d) Delta: Deep Sleep - Brain Wave Frequency is 0 - 4 pulses

b) The Mind: As seen above, the brain is hard wired. It is a physical organ that stores data and processes thoughts. The mind is an invisible energy that flows from the brain and can wander outside the body. The mind can think, reason, learn, imagine, remember and can do many things. As I have said on the home page, our mind has been evolving for millions of years and getting better and better. It has reached a stage where we can experience and use the sixth sense. Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have shown ability to perceive various things using the mind. Examples are extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic powers and so on. We don't know how much of that is true. But you will soon find out that when you start using your sixth sense, you will be able to do many things that were not possible before.

c) Amitception: I have created this word - it is our ability to activate the sixth sense. Some examples:
i) We see with our eyes, we hear with our ears, we amitceive with our mind.

ii) He went to bed at 10:00 PM and was able to achieve amitception in one hour.

iii) Some people have better amitception than others, etc.

c) The Brain exercise
Before you start the time travel process, it will be good idea to do some warm up and exercise your brain. In this process, you will challenge your brain. This is not required but it will give you an idea of what is involved. Try to learn a new skill - something you have never done before. Examples are karate, dancing, juggling, new language, writing stories, etc. These activities will simulate the parts of the brain that have not been used and also a test for you to see that if you are ready for the effort that is involved in challenging the brain.

3) The Mind Models
The Mind always keeps on working and creating mind models whether we are awake, sleeping or traveling to the future as seen from these examples:

Example 3: The Mind Model at present time
I place a can of coke 10 feet in front of you. If I ask you what is there, you will say a can of coke. If a blind man comes and stands next to you and I ask him what is there, he will say that he nothing. So the way this world exists around you is whatever you perceive by the mind and it is different for all living creatures. You can see, you can hear, you can smell, you can touch and you can taste.
All these senses are perceived by different parts of the brain but the entire event is put together and captured by your mind and mind model is created. So when five senses are working, the mind just uses them to put the event together and creates a mind model.

Example 4: Creating a mind model at little future time
You are in a play ground and somebody throws a ball towards you. You want to catch the ball. The ball is going to reach you after seven seconds. Your mind creates a future model that shows you where the ball will be when it reaches you. Actually your mind is predicting the future by imagination. It is based on the direction the ball is traveling, its speed and your knowledge and past experience of how the ball travels.

Scenario 1
Under normal circumstances, the ball travels the predicted path and your hand automatically goes towards the path of the ball and catches it.

Scenario 2
A bird comes from somewhere and the ball hits it before it reaches you. Now the ball slows down and also changes its path. You also change your position accordingly and may not be able to catch it. So the future model created by your mind can be wrong even at the present time. Right or wrong, your mind had predicted the future after seven seconds.

Example 5: Creating a mind model at future time
It is 8:00 AM in the morning and you are lying in bed in your home in Houston. You travel to future time of 2:00 PM same day and end up in a park in Austin. Let us also assume that you have never been to Austin. What you see in the future is the model created by mind at the future time. There could be kids playing, people walking around and many more things - you can actually see what is happening at 2:00 PM in Austin. This is not illusion, imagination, dream or a guess and it is not even based on your knowledge at the present time. You can see the real trees, the rides, the people, etc. exactly as they are in the park.

Scenario 1
When in the future, you happened to read the name of the park. When you come back to present, you goggle it and find out it is a park in Austin, TX. You start driving to Austin and go to the same park. Even though you have never been to Austin, you will find out that all the trees and the rides are exactly what you had seen when you traveled to the future. This is the interesting part of traveling to the future. Here, you mind creates a model without prior knowledge of the event.

Scenario 2
When in the future, you happen to read the name of the park and even manage to see the date and time on somebody else's phone. Now you drive and go to the park at the same time of 2:00 PM. You will see the same trees and rides. What about people? Will you the see the same people? Will you see yourself? The answer is maybe not. As I have explained in Dimensions page, the future you see is dependent on the conditions that are true at the time of your time travel.
As conditions keep on changing, the future event also changes. You traveled to the future at 8:00 AM and physically reached to the future after 6 hours at 2:00 PM. Many conditions changed in these 6 hours. Out of 20 people you saw when you traveled to the future, you may see 12 same people doing the same thing.
Our mind always keeps on predicting the future and creates a mind model. In example 4, it is based on imagination and past experience and it is easy to understand. In example 5 it is not based on imagination or past experience. It is based on what you really see in future. For example, if there is a broken bench in the park, you will see the broken bench when you travel to future.

Scientific explanation of The Sixth Sense and Time Travel
Here, I will scientifically explain the entire process of time travel. The current science can explain the structure and functioning of the physical world but cannot explain the mind – senses, feelings, imagination, thoughts, etc. Most of the scientists cannot fully understand the sixth sense and the fifth dimension by using the current science. All the explanations I have given here for time travel are way ahead of our science. This is entirely a new science by itself and I call it Timetravelogy and it requires out-of-the-box-thinking. Once you understand it, everything will fit in. I have put all the information together to show how everything is connected and many things may be repeated.

When I say that you
will have to activate and use you sixth sense to elevate to fifth dimension and look at the future events, it will look unreal. When I say that you will take advantage of time dilation that occurs because of magnetic areas in fifth dimension (similar to black holes) and go to the future, it will sound crazy. But this is all real and here is little explanation of these: 

a) The activation of the sixth sense & the fifth dimension
b) The black holes in the fifth dimension
c) The mind and the process of time travel

a) The activation of sixth sense & the fifth dimension
i) The activation of sixth sense:
When your other senses are working, it is the mind that works in the background and puts the event together. You don't feel it because your other senses are more dominant. When you stop using your five senses, the sixth sense is fully activated and you can feel your mind operating outside you and outside the three dimensions known to us. I call this the fifth dimension (the fourth dimension is time). Here the mind roams completely free but it is still attached to you.

Example 5 - Body to Mind transition
You are lying in bed and trying to activate sixth sense. You still feel yourself in the body and your body is you. As the sixth sense begins to activate, you feel moving out of the body into space. When your sixth sense is fully activated, your mind is operating in fifth dimension. Now your mind is you and you are roaming in space. Please note the transition here:
Before activation of sixth sense - your body is you
After activation of sixth sense   - your mind is you

ii) The Mind in fifth dimension
The fifth dimension is the creation of mind and the mind always operates in this dimension. Imagine that the fifth dimension is like open dark space and when the sixth sense is activated, imagine yourself roaming freely in this space. When you roam in it, you will feel like moving in space field with some imaginary magnets spread all around with a magnetic field of their own (There are no actual magnets but since you feel pull and push, I will call them magnets so it is easy to explain). You will feel pulled towards some magnetic field and feel repelled by some magnetic field. The magnets that pull you are similar to the black holes in space and I will call them black holes.

b) The black holes in Fifth dimension:
Once you are in fifth dimension, you will come across various kinds black holes and they all look different and serve different purpose. You can distinguish them from the shape and the light ring around them. There are so many kind and they are hard to explain, but once you start to experience them, you will understand them completely. Here are two black holes I have figured out:

a) Time Travel holes
This hole is like a sphere and can be entered from any side. Here, we enter the hole at high speed and we have to come out at a right time - we cannot stay in this black hole. When we come out, we come out at different space-time co-ordinate and look at the future event. We are going to use these holes for time travel as explained in this website.

b) Caves of Youth
We are going to use these holes for Youthnomy. There are very few of them and hard to find. It looks like a small dark space with big ring around it - just like a cave - it has an opening to enter but when your mind enters one of these, it is enclosed in a cave like structure and the time practically stops. We are going to use them for staying young as I have explained in my other website.

c) Other Black Holes
There are at least 10 more different kinds of black holes I have identified. I have entered all of them and they are harmless. I have been exploring them to find their purpose. Once I have more information on them, I will publish it on my website.

d) The holes that repel
Please stay away from these holes. You will have to use force to enter them - don't try to enter them.
Entering any of them may cause unexpected changes in your behavior. I have always stayed away from these holes and so can you. I am building another website explaining them - how they work and what they do.

c) The Mind and time travel explained
When you begin to amitceive, your sixth sense is activated and you are inside your mind and controlling it. You feel a certain pull from the body but you are exerting pressure to stay there (because going back into the body will just bring you back to the present). Now you are very active and looking to create an event (mind model) without using five senses and are looking for the special black hole called Time Travel hole. If you go inside it, the time will slow down for you and your body lying down in bed. But the time keeps on going faster for the rest of the Universe. As I had explained before, spacetime is curved. By slowing down the time, you come closer to future spacetime co-ordinate and when you look at an event on Earth and create a mind model (event), you looking at the future event.

Example 6: The Mind and time dilation
You take a deck of card and shuffle it. Then you put on a table with the cards facing up (without looking) so only one card is visible. Now you don't know which card is face up. You lie on a bed next to table and activate you sixth sense.

Scenario 1
You come back to your body (without going any time dilation) and come back to the same room. Will you be able to see the card? The answer is no. When you came back to same time space co-ordinate, you just come back to yourself.

Scenario 2
You go thru time dilation of 5 seconds and go back to your body.
Let us say that you come back to space co-ordinate that falls in the same room your body is lying down. Now you are looking at the future 5 seconds ahead. Will you be able to see the card? The answer is yes, you will see the card. Will you be able to come to the present and predict it correctly? As I had explained in "Dimension" page, the future is dynamic and cannot be predicted correctly every time. 

5) Snapping out of Time Travel explained

As I have said above, during time travel, the five senses are not working. If any of this sense is activated (for example a loud sound), it will snap you out of the time travel.

Scenario 1
You are in fifth dimension using your sixth sense but have not gone through time dilation. If you hear a loud sound, you will come back to earth same space-time co-ordinate - you will be back to present.

Scenario 2
You are in fifth dimension using your sixth sense and have gone through time dilation and are in future. Now if you hear a big noise, you will suddenly feel your head spinning and come back to present. This is instantaneous and may leave you with an unpleasant feeling.       

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