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Learn to Time Travel to the Future

The purpose of this Website is to teach you how to time travel to the future. I am a scientist and I have created a new field of science - Timetravelogy - to study and explain this phenomena. I can travel in time and look at the future events and from my experience, I have put all the information here and explained all my theories with scientific explanations and plenty of examples. To time travel, you will activate the sixth sense and create a future mind model using Einstein’s theory of General Relativity - this website explains everything in details. This is all free and there is nothing to buy and after reading and understanding all these, you will be traveling in time to the future (My theory is that you cannot travel to the past).

This method is not simple or straightforward - it requires lots of effort, patience & practice. This is something you have to learn. I have done extensive research on this and I will try to explain it the way I understand it. As soon as you hear that I can travel in time, lots of questions will come in your mind. I have answered all of them in this website. There is nothing religious or spiritual here. Personally, I don't believe in anything that does not have scientific explanation. As you keep reading on, everything will become clear to you.

To time travel to the future you have to understand all these (I have explained everything in very short and simple way):

1) Einstein's theories of special and general relativities
2) The dilation of time because of high speed and gravitational force    
3) The seven dimensions of this Universe   
4) The black holes and their effect on time travel
5) The sixth sense (our mind) and how to activate it
6) The entire process of time travel, step by step
7) The limitations & risks involved in time travel (please read this disclaimer)

Time travel has many limitations on what you can do. The first thing that comes to anybody's mind is to go to the future, look at the lottery numbers, come back to the present and play those numbers and become a millionaire. If that was easy, I would be doing it myself. As I have explained later, this is very hard (but not impossible).

Overview of Time Travel

When you are going to travel in time, only your mind will travel, not the body and there is no time machine involved. When in the future, your mind will make you feel like you are physically there and you will see and hear everything around you. But you will not be able to touch anything and nobody will be able to touch or see you - for them, you are not there. You will see the actual future and when you come back to the present, you will remember it.

To understand this method, you have to understand the mind. It has been evolving for millions of years and getting better and better. We are at the beginning of the next phase of evolution and many of us have begun to experience the sixth sense. Many things that were not possible before are possible now. Everyone has the sixth sense but of different strength. It is like some people have better sight than the others. Once we understand the sixth sense very well, there may be fix for it - like the glasses for people with weak sight. For now we have to do trial and error to activate the sixth sense. There are various things you can do once you start using your sixth sense and in this website, I will only teach you how to travel in time.  

To time travel, you will activate and use you sixth sense and go inside your mind and control it. Now you are in fifth dimension as explained later. This activation of sixth sense is called amitception. The fifth dimension is like open dark space and when the sixth sense is activated, imagine yourself roaming freely in this space. When you roam in it, you will feel like moving in space filled with some imaginary magnets spread all around with a magnetic field of their own (There are no actual magnets but since you feel pull and push, I will call them magnets so it is easy to explain). You will feel pulled towards some magnetic field and feel repelled by some magnetic field. The magnets that pull you are similar to the black holes in space and I will call them black holes. You will enter a special hole called Time Travel hole and take advantage of time dilation and go to the future.

When I say that you can use your mind to go through time dilation, many people will call it science fiction. This is not science fiction, dream or illusion but real science by itself and I call it Timetravelogy. You will actually go inside your mind and make this happen. I have explained the mind, the fifth dimension, time dilation by mind and finally traveling to the future using this science. This is not as simple as it sounds, but once you begin to understand it, everything will become clear. When you start to apply it to travel to the future, you will begin to enjoy it.

When I land on Earth in the future, I land at any point at any time and I have no control over this. When I time travel, I cannot tell where I am or what time it is. Most of the times I land in water. Sometimes it is a jungle, snow or desert and few times I am in a place with people around. I am assuming that nobody can see me because so far I have not seen any response from people around me. To find the time in future, I have tried to time travel with my phone in my hand but when I am in the future, I don't even see my body or the phone. That is why it is hard to tell how far I am in the future.

The whole process of learning to time travel may take weeks or months - it requires practice and trial and error. Once you become efficient in time travel, it will take you very little time to get to the future. It takes me around 10 minutes to get to the future. After I reach the future, I feel that I am there anywhere from 4 - 5 minutes and suddenly I snap out of it. This is based on my experience and it may be different for everyone. Anyway, you will find the time travel experience very pleasant & exciting and use it for your own advantage in the way you like.

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