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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this website is to teach you to time travel to the future - I have answered most questions here. If you still have some questions, please e-mail them to me at and I will put the answers here.

1) If you can travel to future, why don't you look at lottery numbers in future, come back to present and play those numbers?
Answer: Believe me, I have been trying to do this for a long time. But, as I have explained, when I travel to the future, I land anywhere on Earth at any time in the future - I have no control over it. Also, the body does not travel to the future, only the mind travels. I can see everything but cannot touch, hear or talk to anybody. Nobody can see or feel me. For me to see the lotto numbers, a newspaper page, TV or computer with the numbers has to be in front of me. I will have to look at the numbers, memorize them and look at the date on the Newspaper. This has not happened so far. As I have explained in "Dimensions" page, the future is dynamic. Even if I see the numbers, they may not be same.

2) Can you go back and change the past?
During time travel I have not seen anything that can tell me that I am at the past. Also, by going to past you can create many paradoxes. So my theory is that you cannot travel to the past. As time passes, the event that happens gets frozen in past and cannot be changed. It is like somebody is continuously pouring ice on the "event" one unit of time after it has happened. Even if you find out that you can travel to the past, you cannot touch anything and nobody can see you. For other people, you are just not there - you can only see what is happening. So the past cannot be changed and there are no paradoxes here.

3) Can you go to the future and based on what you see, change the future?
Answer: Yes, the future is dynamic and can be changed. I have explained this also with plenty of examples in the "Dimensions" page.

4) When you time travel to the future, why does it last 4 - 5 minutes?
Answer: When you activate your sixth sense and go to the future, the mind has the tendency to snap out of time travel and come to the present. I can hold it there only for 4 -5 minutes. It is like you are under water and you can hold your breadth for a certain amount of time. I am researching this to find a way to stay longer in the future.

5) Can anyone travel to the future?
Answer: Everyone has the sixth sense but of different strength. Anyone who can activate and use the sixth sense can travel to the future under the right atmosphere with lots of practice.

6) When you come back to Earth after time travel, how do you know that it is the future and not present or the past?
Answer: I know that I am traveling to the future because of these reasons:
a) From my experience I have noticed that if I go through time dilation and come back to Earth, I can see an event happening at a different time space co-ordinate. It could not be present because
if I come back to present, I will come back to myself and snap out of time travel. I have already said that we cannot travel to the past. So the conclusion is that the events I see are the future events.
b) Once during my time travel, I saw a newspaper lying on the ground and I was able to read the date only on it and then I snapped out of time travel. I remembered the date and when I was back to present, I noted that it was 4 days after the present date.
c) I visited a park in Houston one day and remembered that I had already seen it in one of my time travels. This was not dream or imagination - it was actual park with trees, rides, benches, etc. and everything looked exactly the same.
d) I have been to very distant future and have noticed very modern infrastructure and machinery that does not exist now.

7)What is the difference between Time Travel hole & cave of youth?
There is a big difference between these two black holes.
For time travel we go into a black hole called Time Travel hole and come out. This hole is like a sphere and can be entered from any side. Here, we enter the hole at high speed and we have to come out at a right time - we cannot stay in this black hole. When we come out, we come out at different space-time co-ordinate and look at the future event.
For staying young, we go into a magnetic hole called cave of youth and the mind stays there (it is trapped there). This hole has only one opening and as soon as we enter this hole, we feel some kind of calmness. You will have a feeling of free fall and you will stop at a point and go to sleep The body ages for 8 hours on the Earth while the mind stops aging. Here, if the mind cannot come out of cave of youth and stay there by itself. It can only snap out of this process and come back to the body.

8) What is the difference between time travel and other things like imagination, illusion, dreams, fantasy, meditation, self-hypnosis, etc.?
Answer: Here are the differences:
a) During time travel, we have full control of our mind and we are conscious (it happens before we go to sleep). Here the mind is working hard to use the sixth sense to elevate to the fifth dimension and take advantage of time dilation by "time travel hole" to travel to the future.
Here we are conscious and make it happen voluntarily.
b) Dreams come when we sleep and occur involuntarily in the mind and we have no control. In lucid dreams, we may have control, but they also occur involuntarily
c) During Meditation the mind is calm and peaceful.
It is like sitting peacefully on the side of a lake. Time Travel is like running around in a jungle looking for hidden treasure.
d) Self-hypnosis is a technique where we go into a trance, induce relaxation or maybe help ourselves in changing habits. Here we can fool the mind into believing something.

9) What are the limitations of time travel?
Answer: These are the limitations:
a)  When you travel to the future, you will land randomly anywhere on the Earth - you
have no control over this.
b) You can snap out of time travel at any time. It could be before you reach the future or any time at the future. I have been snapped out of time travel many times just after 1 second into the future on the Earth. 
c) You cannot come back to the present time at a different space co-ordinate. You will just come back to yourself and snap out of the time travel.
d) Since the future is dynamic, you cannot predict it. It may be right or wrong.

10) What are the risks of Time Travel?
Answer: Like any other activity, Time Travel has some affects and risks:
Learning to Time Travel is addictive will take plenty of your time in the beginning.
Time travel requires lots of effort, patience and practice. Even after you manage to time travel, you may end up in sea, desert or jungle without any people and this can be frustrating.
c) Because of the effort needed to elevate to fifth dimension, it may tire your brain and may cause headache.
d) If you snap out of time travel when you are in the future, you will come back to the present with spinning sensation and that causes unpleasant feeling.

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