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The Process of Time Travel: Step by Step

Step 1: Read & Understand
To learn how to time travel to the future, read all about the sixth sense, the fifth & sixth dimensions & time dilation by speed and the matter.
You will be using your sixth sense to go inside your mind and take advantage of time dilation that occurs because of black holes in fifth dimension (high density points). Time travel is not like any other activities like imaginations, dreams, fantasy, meditation or anything similar. It is completely different and you should be able to tell the difference because you are completely conscious and making it happen. This is all trial and error and you will learn from your mistakes. The more you repeat this, the less resistance you will feel. You should also understand that you can abruptly snap out of time travel at any instance.

Step 2: Best time to time travel
The best time to time travel is when you wake up in the morning and fully awake. Afternoon is also a good time if you are not feeling sleepy. You will have to find the best time for you by trial and error.

Step 3: Best position for time travel
You can time travel either by lying down on the bed or in sitting position - you have to experiment to find the best position for yourself.

Step 4: The right atmosphere for time travel
The mind should be relaxed & clear - there should be no worries or stress. Also make sure that there is no disturbance of any kind around you when you lie down. To use our sixth sense fully, we have to stop using our other five senses.

Step 5: Stop using sense of sight
If it is not dark, cover your eyes with a pillow so you cannot see anything - just the dark. Opening your eyes for even a single second will snap you out of time travel.

Step 6: Stop using the sense of hearing
Make sure there are no noises around or a constant sound. I have noticed that a fan running with constant sound works better. It drowns other small noises.

Step 7: Stop using sense of touch
If somebody tries to wake you by touching you, it will snap you out of the process. Just a simple touch by someone that does not wake you up will not affect this process.

Step 8: Stop using the sense of taste
It is always a good idea to brush you teeth and rinse with water before time travel.

Step 9: Stop using the sense of smell
I have noticed that spraying air freshener works very good. Even though it has a smell, it stays constant.

Step 10: Reaching the correct state of Mind
Keep lying down in bed and try to see in the darkness as far as you can and keep on looking and concentrating. Gradually relax all parts of the body and put the focus on the brain. After certain time you will feel sleepy but do not go to sleep. This is important - keep on forcing your mind not to sleep. You want to be in certain state of mind that happens just before sleep.

Step 11: Start using the mind
This the hardest & most tricky part so do not give up. It requires lots of practice & patience. You are lying down with your eyes closed but trying not to sleep. Keep on doing this and at the same time try to find a object in the darkness - anything. As soon as you see something, go towards it and try to touch it with your mind. Then find another object and go towards it and so on. Keep doing this until you feel that your mind has moved out of your head. There will be darkness all around but your head will feel very light and you will have a feeling of flying freely in open space.

Step 12: Amitception - Activating the sixth sense
Your physical body is still on Earth but you will feel that you are flying freely in space. Now your mind has become "you". You are actually not in space but in fifth dimension that looks like space we are accustomed to. You will still feel some sort of pull towards your body, but with some practice, you will be able to stay in the space. You have activated your sixth sense and are ready to travel to the future.

Step 13: For the people who have hard time in activating the sixth sense
It is very important that you have to be in the correct state of mind to use the sixth sense. That state of mind comes when you are awake and just before the sleep. The hard part here is that you are in sleeping mode and forcing your mind not to asleep. But this can be achieved under the right atmosphere with some practice.

a) Scenario 1: You see only the darkness
You lie in the bed for 30 minutes and you see only the darkness and nothing happens. That means your mind is working only in conscious mode - when the five senses are working. That also means you are not in correct state of mind. You should be able to stop using the five senses and feel the sixth sense take over. If you were doing this at 8:00 AM in the morning and it was not working, then keep your alarm for 6:00 AM in the morning and wake up at 6:00 AM and try it again.

2) Scenario 2: You keep on going to sleep
If you keep on going to sleep before getting to sixth sense, this also means that you are not in the correct state of mind. Do this when you are less sleepy. To help this, take a cup of tea or coffee and try again.

The whole point here is that you have to keep trying time travel during different times of the day under various conditions. This is all trial and error until you find the right state of mind. You have to understand that if you cannot activate your sixth sense, you cannot
time travel.

Step 14: The fifth dimension
As I had explained in the "Senses" page, our mind operates in the fifth dimension. It is a dimension outside fourth dimension and looks like space. After you activate your sixth sense, you will be inside your mind (in fifth dimension) and you will see complete darkness around you. Start travelling in a straight line and
you will feel like moving in space filled with some imaginary magnets spread all around with a magnetic field of their own. You will feel pulled towards some magnetic field and feel repelled by some magnetic field. (If you come closer to magnetic fields that repel, they will change your direction. Just follow that direction and stay away from them). I call the magnetic areas that pull you black holes and you have to find the one I call Time Travel hole for this process.

Step 15: Different Holes
There are various kinds black holes and they all look and feel different. They are different sizes, shapes, intensity and strength and they all have different purpose and I am doing research to find the purpose of each. If you enter the wrong hole, just come out of it and keep on looking for Time Travel hole and with some experience, you will know that you are in this hole by the look and feel.

Step 16: Looking for a Time Travel hole
The purpose of this step is to find a Time Travel hole and then go inside one.
It looks like a round hole with a dim light ring around it. It is like a sphere and can be seen from all sides. Keep on traveling in a straight line looking for it and if you see one, go towards it and enter it at high speed.

Step 17: Going inside Time Travel hole
When you go inside a time travel hole, you will feel spinning sensation and you will see a shiny white & blue light with a reddish tinge for few seconds (When I see this, I know I am in a time travel hole). Now the question is - how far to go into the black hole? If you go too far, won't you get swallowed by the massive pull of the black hole? The answer is that if you go too far, at a certain point, you will feel some kind of disturbance and snap out of time travel.
If this happens, you have to start all over again and go into black hole again. Try repeating this a few times some practice, you will know when you are beginning to feel the disturbance and you know when to come back (this is different from cave of youth discussed in my other website).

Step 18: Coming out of the Time Travel hole
After you have mastered step 17,
come out of the hole at the right time. When you were inside the hole, time slowed down for you. But the time keeps on going faster for the rest of the Universe. As I had explained before, spacetime is curved. By slowing down the time, you come closer to future spacetime co-ordinate. This means that you have gone through time dilation and are in the future now.

Step 19: Coming towards Earth in future
As I had explained before, when you are in fifth dimension, you will feel pull towards your body. Now go towards the pull (your body) and you will start traveling towards Earth. You will find that you will not come back to body but will end up somewhere in future spacetime co-ordinate near the Earth. You can stop when close to Earth and look for a landing spot.

Step 20: Total time in future
Now you have to remember that trip to the future does not last very long. For me it lasts approximately 4 - 5 minutes, the shortest being 1 second and the longest around 5 minutes. It will vary for different people. This means that you have this much time to find a landing spot on Earth and look at the event.
You will also find that when on Earth, you cannot travel very fast like the way you did in space.

Step 21: Finding a place to land on Earth
Now you are future coming towards the Earth and you have to decide where to land. Since you have very little time, stop at a point
from where you can see if it is land or water. Let us look at various scenarios (from my experience):

1) If you see any clouds, get below them so you can see the Earth.
2) If you see water,
keep on going parallel to it and try to find any land or maybe a ship.
3) If you see any land, come closer to and try to find people.
4) If it is dark, try to find a lighted spot to land.

The purpose of this is to find a spot with people, houses or some kind of activities. If you land in sea, jungle, snow, desert or in the dark with no one around, it is useless.

Step 22: Welcome to the future
Once you land, you are in future on the Earth. As seen above, most of the time it will be no use. The ideal situation is to land in a house with people so you can look for any newspaper, TV or glance at someone's watch or phone to see the date and time. This may tell you which place you are in and what at what date/time. Maybe you can see something in the news and come back to present and predict it.

Step 23: Have patience and enjoy the future
If you have reached this far, you can figure out what to look for. As I said above, most of the time you will end up in a place without people. Landing in water or snow again and again can be frustrating. But there is always suspense - you don't know where you will land next time.

Step 24: Snapping out of time travel
Even though you are controlling the entire time travel sequence, you have no control on how long you can make it last. You will snap out of it any instance. As I have explained in "The Six Senses" pages, snapping out of time travel is instantaneous and it brings you back to your present.

Step 25: Coming back to present
Once you are back to the present, in the beginning you will think, "was it time travel or a dream?" I have done this so many times, I can very easily tell the difference. When I wake up from sleep after seeing a dream, I have certain kind of feeling. When I time travel and snap out of it, it is completely different feeling. You will be able to tell the difference after doing this few times.

Step 26: Taking notes
When you are back to present, try to remember whatever you saw and write down
the important observations. For example you may see the name of the place, the date, time, important news, etc. When you snap out of time travel, everything is fresh in the memory and you may forget something later on.

Step 27: Repeat - Repeat
Try repeating the same thing in the afternoon or next day morning (I have noticed that I cannot time travel again for few hours after time travel). If you see the same sequence again and again, then you know for sure that you are traveling in time to the future.

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